One of my favorite books you definitely should check out! - imperialfool

Well, if you read the about me page you already know that I hated my life and I recognized that I had to change something.

I had to change and I´m glad that I actually did!

I read Zen and the Art of Happiness from Chris Prentiss and although I’ve previously read similar books, Zen really did change me and my whole point of view. I read it and then I read it again and after that I read it again.

Even now, after I read it about 5 times or so, I like to sit down for a few minutes and read one or two chapters just to keep things in mind and reinforce those aspects I feel are paramount to my own personal improvement. I was a slave of my negative thoughts for over 30 years and I guess it takes time for my subconscious to soak up the positive ideas and concepts described in this great book.

It helped me a lot and I thank Chris Prentiss for this and all the other books he published. I would love to meet him some day as he has literally saved my life and for that I am very grateful! Thanks, Chris!

I recommend this book and hope you give it a try! I´m not trying to push random shit on my readers. I just want you to be as happy as I now am and let everyone know that this book has significantly contributed to my improved attitude and outlook on life!