The Age of Worry - imperialfool

This seems like the perfect headline for my previous life. I have to thank the brilliant songwriter John Mayer for that. This song is on his latest album “Born and Raised” which I personally love. You may disagree with my taste in music but you know what they say…


Why did I always worry although life is just great? Why are you full of worries and fears?

Why can´t we just say – worry why should I care?

Well there´s a good answer to this question: We simply can!


We can turn our lives around; we can say go to hell, I don´t care about you anymore.
I’ve read so many books about self improvement, how to be happy and personal freedom but  Zen and the Art of Happiness really helped me.  It´s simply written and easy to understand. It is just a blessing! It will help you understand how your brain and the whole universe works and it will then tell you how you can achieve a certain point of view where everything that´s happening in your life is just for your own good. Everything. Not only the so-called good events.


Everything that happens to you is always the best that can happen!

It´s just as simple as that. Give it a try and you will see how everything will change for the better. I read a chapter everyday as a means of reinforcement to help keep me focused on my goals. And everytime I listen to The Age of Worry, I feel free and full of joy.


If you have a song, a poem, a quote or whatever, which helps you feel more positive and energized, you are heartily invited to add to the comments below. Help others feel better about themselves because there´s no need to feel sad or depressed. It’s all a choice. It’s only a matter of your inner point of view! Let the bad thoughts disappear.


I think that for the longest time in my life I was in love with suffering but I didn´t realize it.

Sorrow and depression where constants in my life and I couldn´t even imagine that there actually were many happy people out in the world.

I just thought, “Well, that´s just the way it is and there’s no way to turn my life around.” But that was a terrible mistake. Strangely enough, it wasn´t entirely terrible because without my background, I would not have been motivated to do what I´m doing right now – writing about the unhappiness that pervaded my life, taking action to turn my life around, and trying to help others who may feel themselves mired in misery.


So I guess everything that happend has been good in the long run.

I encourage you to buy Zen and the Art of Happiness from Chris Prentiss as it has been very helpful to me and I consider it one of the most important purchases I’ve ever made. Give it a try and let me know what you think. Feel free to drop me a line to provide feedback about the book, or to provide other thoughts or ideas you care to share.