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“When in doubt, don´t” – Benjamin Franklin

I will fail. I won´t make it. I´m not able to achieve this. I can´t stand it anymore. I´m not worth it. I don´t have any friends. I´m all alone and helpless. I´ll never survive this. I´ll end as a drunk in a dark backstreet somewhere. Et cetera, et cetera.


Everybody knows days like this.

You wake up thinking negative thoughts and doubts about your life and your current situation and finding it hard to get out of that mindset. You may think that everybody is against you or even worse. There are good news about those thoughts: They are just thoughts so they are only there because you think them. But there are another good news:


Your thoughts are only true if you believe in them. That said you already know what to do right?? 

Change your thoughts. Change them into a direction where they don´t harm but instead help you achieve whatever it is you´re currently trying to accomplish.


An easy way to change your mindset and deal with doubt is to start some routines or habits right after waking up. This works perfectly for me. I usually read something inspirational or positive right after waking up to bring me in the right mood. You can also be thankful about anything – see the next list.


Reading something inspirational and positive:


What could you be thankful about:

  • life
  • health
  • beloved ones (family, friends, colleagues,…)
  • waking up in the morning
  • the first morning coffee
  • nature
  • fresh air
  • a good meal
  • the ability to read a good book
  • the possibility to change, IF we want to


Change your beliefs, once and for all

I told you already that I turned around 180 degrees this year. I was constantly thinking that bad things happen to me and that life is always hitting on me the hardest. I changed my mindset and now I believe that everything that I want to achieve, I will. Nobody can´t stop me from being who I wanna be, and with that in mind I don´t have any trouble dealing with doubt, fear and negative thoughts.

I cannot change your thoughts of course. That is your job, I can only give you something to think about and some tactics and a little guidance.


Know what you want and never doubt about it again!

Knowing what you want is the first step to freedom.


Life is to short for doubt and negativism.
Life the life you want, right now. Do what only what you love. Or at least try to avoid doing what makes you sick both physically and mentally.

  • Get up from your sofa.
  • Turn of the TV.
  • Turn of your computer and mobile devices.
  • Get out for a walk. Breathe.
  • Take a look around.
  • And take a look inside and find the beauty and wisdom within.


What do you want? Do you have a unfulfilled dreams? Do you wanna share them with us?