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What a travel photographer should carry – always!

Mein Fotoausrüstung auf Reisen

Travel photography and minimalism – a contradiction??

I think so, cause without my photography equipment I would be 5-7kg lighter. But I don´t have a choice. Sure, the quality of current smartphones is great, but not as great as a real DSLR camera.

I worked with a Panasonic superzoom (Panasonic Lumix FZ100), which is small, lightweight and has a great focal distance, but unfortunately the lense was to faint for me.

Camera, tripod and filters

Besides a good DSLR camera and bright and powerful lenses I need a good and functional tripod which is stable and easy to adjust. The additional gorillapod is for mounting my iPhone to the tripod which, in combination with Triggertrap serves as a remote release. I use the polarizing and ND filters for pictures of the ocean, rivers and waterfalls to get the smooth effect I love so much. The step-up rings are for mounting the filters to smaller lenses, which is quite convenient.

Security and data protection

I use 3 SD cards with 32GB and one 1TB hard disc to prevent data loss. I also keep the SD cards in a waterproof case. I always store the hard disc somewhere else, just in case. If I leave my equipment alone, I wrap it in a Pacsafe steel net and lock all accesses with combination locks.

Triggertrap – a vital tool

I use Triggertrap for long exposure shots, time laps, star trails and much more. This small device is just awesome. It works in combination with (almost) any smartphone. The free Triggertrap app can do things a normal remote release can only dream of! I´m a huge fan of Triggertrap since the first time I´ve tried it and I only can recommend it.

Laptop and photo software

My macbook is always with me. I develop the photos in Lightroom (almost immediately) after the shooting. This consequent procedure is important to me because this way I get rid of lots of pictures and I can keep my photo library slim and organized. My minimalistic attitude makes it easy to delete without having bad feelings about it.

What I´m (still) missing

GoPro Actionkamera Hero 3

I´d love to have a GoPro HERO3 Actioncam with a waterproof case for underwater photography and action shots. I find the small weight and the wide angle lens to be perfect for traveling.

A additional Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 Lens would be great for landscape and architecture photography.

Just in case: A Nikon COOLPIX P7800 Camera, for carrying with me ALL THE TIME.

Finally, here´s the list of my equipment

I travel with this minimal equipment for travel photographers. Sure, I could pack much much more, but I guess this equipment is just enough to take great shots and be prepared for (almost) any situation to come.

What do you think about my minimal travel photographer equipment? What do you carry? I appreciate you comment!

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