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About Me

Who am I?

tobiasI´m a seeker, a dreamer, a fool, a lazy bum and a nerd. My name is Tobias and with the years I´ve gotten used to this name.

I still know tv shows like Knight Rider, the A-Team and Mac Gyver and I´ve played my first computer game on a  Commodore VC-20 with cassette deck. I know the world without the internet but I´m glad to be online and to have the opportunity to share my rich wisdom with you.

I´m a minimalist on the way to a location independent lifestyle as a digital nomad. I like minimal luggage, warm winters on the beach, even warmer summer rain, Asia, Wine, People, Arrivals, Departures and so much more.

I´m a blogger, a wannabe writer, a photographer and a web designer and I´ve studied interactive art.

The workout book

I never felt 100 percent good in my body. I wasn´t disciplined enough and I coulnd´t sustain my diet and my workout. This time it´s different. I write a journal about my training and nutrition and this workout diary will be available for download here. It´s for all people which are sick of promises and willing to work hard and eat just the right things to accomplish their goals.

Random Facts

  • I love backpacks – I have got 7 – ascending
  • I try to live as minimal as possible
  • I am a inconsistency
  • I´ve no car
  • I have a job as a designer/seo/marketer at a bicycle shop -> sportsale24.com
  • I work out a lot
  • I cannot imagine anything better than traveling
  • I take a lot of photos and I love it
  • I´m an introvert
  • I love to meet new people
  • I like to be overwhelmed in life

Why imperialfool?

Sounds great doesn´t it? Also, Batman doesn´t take his real name either. And besides that the first two letters result in IF – so: You can do anything – IF you want.


Many links here on this blog are affiliate links, so I get a certain percentage if you click and buy something via this site. Quite fair don´t you think? I give you great content and my affiliate partners give me some money IF you buy something. It´s up to you, if you don´t want to support me, just google.

Other projects

trkoehler new media development – my web agency

nomadgear.org | The Digital Nomad Shop & Blog

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